Token Pack Vol. 2 to launch for Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG with iconic character art

Collectors are going to have a field day with this set.

Screengrab via Konami

Players who purchase Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG products at select stores in Japan will now be getting a bonus pack that contains some collectible tokens. 

This set of placeholder cards is being called Token Pack Vol. Two, and contains Tokens with artwork of classic characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime along with some of their most iconic monsters. The headlining cards are Yami Yugi, Kaiba, and Yami Marik all posing with their Egyptian God cards. 

It also includes a few throwback Tokens in the form of Gorz the Emissary of Darkness’ Token and the slightly demonic Doppelwarrior Token. 

Tokens are a type of card that are used as representations of Monster Cards, typically summoned through the use of a card effect like the iconic Scapegoat. They are not included in the Deck, Extra Deck, or Side Deck, and each Token’s stats and effects vary depending on the card used to summon them. 

Token Monsters are always Normal Monsters, cannot be flipped facedown, and disappear whenever they leave the field for any reason. 

Because Tokens don’t actually have an impact on gameplay since you can use anything to represent a Token Monster, these cards are purely for collectors or players who want to use specific Tokens. 

Some of these Tokens can get pretty pricy too depending on if the character they represent is popular or the Monster it’s thematically tied to is competitively viable, like the Primal Being and Sky Striker Ace Tokens. 

This specific Token Pack is being distributed at stores that took part in the Display Contest 2020 and will only be available while supplies last. It will only be included with new products.