Structure Deck R: Lost Sanctuary to release this August for Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG

Are you ready for the return of Mystical Shine Ball?

Screengrab via Konami

Konami has revealed a new product in the Structure Deck R series, which remakes older Structure Decks with new takes on classic cards that make them more competitive.

This will obviously pull from the Lost Sanctuary deck that was released in 2011, and will be dropping for the OCG on Aug. 7. 

Structure Deck R: Lost Sanctuary will play on the Fairy-Type theme and likely include new support for Master Hyperion and The Agent series of monsters, along with some variant of The Sanctuary in the Sky Field Spell. There could be another retrain of Airknight Parshath coming, although no information has been announced.

This will come with the standard 40-card Main Deck, but this one will also feature several Extra Deck Monsters. The OCG release will include a Power-Up Pack with additional cards surrounding the Fairy-theme, though that rarely carries over to any eventual TCG releases.

Within this Structure Deck R series, players have already gotten builds like Rise of the True Dragons, Dinosmaher’s Fury, and a few others that have had an impact on making several competitive decks somewhat affordable and easy to build. 

More information on Structure Deck R: Lost Sanctuary will be shared in both V Jump and Weekly Shonen Jump magazines in the coming months.