Five new Speedroid cards, multiple reprints revealed for Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG set, Legendary Duelists: Synchro Storm

The speed of Speedroid decks is about to hit a new level.

Screengrab via Konami

The upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG set, Legendary Duelists: Synchro Storm is going to be very important for several archetypes, with a specific focus on Speedroid cards. 

Konami has confirmed five new Speedroid cards, several reprints, and the addition of the already announced Clear Wing Synchro Dragon. For collectors, Clear Wing Synchro Dragon is actually going to have a Ghost Rare variant in the set, at least for the OCG variant Duelists of Whirlwind.

Image via Konami

The five new Speedroid cards are going to tie right into the signature Synchro strategy used by Yugo in the anime. This new batch includes two Effect Monsters, a Trap Card, and two new Synchro Monsters, too. 

Starting with the aptly named Speedroid Party Horn Kid, the Tuner Monster, you can excavate cards from the top of your deck equal to the number of other Wind monsters you control and add one of those cards to your hand before placing the rest on the bottom of your deck in any order. And once it is in the Graveyard, you can banish it and then target one level three or higher Wind monster you control and then lower its level by three. 

Image via Konami

Speedroid Magic Hound is a level three Effect Monster that allows you to send a Speedroid card from your deck to the GY when it is Normal Summoned. 

You can also banish Magic Hound to target a Speedroid monster in your GY to shuffle it into your deck, though it can only be used on a turn when it isn’t sent to the GY. Once that is done, you can Special Summon a Speedroid Synchro Monster that has the same level but a different name from your Extra Deck, though its effects will be negated. 

Image via Konami

Both monsters will help facilitate the already fast-paced Speedroid strategy, especially when it comes to getting more material on the field to extend combos. 

Moving onto the Synchro Monsters, Hi-Speedroid Cork Blaster is only a level three monster, but is also a Synchro Tuner. Once per turn when this card is Synchro Summoned, players can add a Speedroid Spell or Trap Card from their deck to the hand. 

Image via Konami

If you Synchro Summon Cork Blaster using only Speedroid monsters, you can Special Summon all of them if they are in your GY. 

The next one is a real treat, since Hi-Speedroid Clear Wing Rider is based on Yugo’s Duel Runner from the anime. It is a level 11 Synchro Monster with two effects that can only be summoned using a Wind Tuner and a non-Tuner Wind Synchro monster. 

Image via Konami

Once summoned, the 3,500 Attack point motorcycle lets you roll a six-sided die and then shuffle Wind monsters from your GY back into the deck based on the result. Then, you can destroy cards your opponent controls up to the number shuffled back in and have Clear Wing Rider gain 500 ATK for each destroyed card until the end of the turn. 

And that isn’t all, because during your opponent’s Main Phase, you can tribute Clear Wing Rider to Special Summon up to two level seven Wind Synchro Monsters with different names from your Extra Deck. This is a great Quick Effect, but can only be used if Clear Wing Rider was Synchro Summoned originally. 

The final new Speedroid card is Speedroid Dupligate a Normal Trap that has a powerful secondary effect that can only be used once per duel. 

Image via Konami

First, you can banish one Wind monster from your GY and return one card your opponent controls to their hand. The second effect allows you, during your Main Phase while Dupligate is in the GY, reduce a Speedroid monster you control’s level by one and then special summon Dupligate as a level one Wind Tuner monster that is not treated as a Trap Card. 

Image via Konami

Along with reprints of important Speedroid cards like Terror Top and CarTurbo, along with Den-Den Daiko Duke and Taketomborg, you might see a lot of players pick up the deck if it can become a budget build. Legendary Duelists: Synchro Storm launches on May 30 in the OCG and worldwide on July 16.