4 New Yu-Gi-oh! Cards revealed in SEVENS Episode 40

Rock on.

Image via Konami

The 40th episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS has just aired and with it, new cards has been revealed that could potentially be printed in the near future.

The four new cards, with basic translations of what they do, are as follows:

Psychic Raid, a Normal Spell Card which players can activate by shuffling 3 Normal Psychic-type Monsters from your Graveyard into the deck. By doing so, you can choose one face-up monster that is level eight or lower on the field and take damage equal to the attack of that chosen monster.

You can then draw one card and reveal it. Should that card have the same attribute as the monster chosen by the original effect you can then draw another card.

Stardom Light, a Spell Card which can be activated by sending one face-up Normal Monster to the Graveyard. This allows you to special summon one Psychic-Type Monster from your hand to your side of the field face-up.

Romance Session, a Spell Card that can be activated if your Life points are 1000 or less than your opponent’s. You can choose one Normal Psychic-type monster you control, then special someone one Psychic-type from your hand with the same level to your side of the field face up. This monster cannot attack directly the turn it is summoned.

And lastly, Oko Rock, a Trap Card that activates when your opponent Normal Summons a level seven or higher monster while you control three face-up Psychic Monsters. You can choose one face-up monster your opponent controls and it cannot activate its effects until the end of the turn. All your Psychic-type Monsters then gain 200 attack until the end of this turn.

As with other episodes, there is no guarantee these cards will ever be printed into future expansion packs, but it gives us an idea of some cards that might be released in the future.