What’s the recommended item level for Mythic 0 dungeons in WoW Dragonflight?

It's all up to the group leader.

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Mythic dungeons in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight are one of, if not, the best sources of high item-level gear that players can turn to during the first few weeks of the expansion. With Mythic+ dungeons and the Vault of the Incarnates yet to be released, base-level Mythics are one of the most dependable ways your character can gear up during the preseason. 

In total, there are eight Mythic dungeons to complete in WoW Dragonflight. You can complete the eight dungeons as many times as you like but will only be eligible to earn loot from the dungeons once per character during each weekly reset. 

WoW Dragonflight Mythic dungeons’ item level requirement (or lack thereof)

Base-level Mythic dungeons, often referred to as “Mythic Zero” dungeons, do not have a required item level to enter. Since you cannot queue up for Mythic Zero dungeons in the dungeon finder, there is no minimum item level needed to join a group that the game itself requires. The item level needed to join a group running Mythic dungeons is entirely up to the group leader. 

When applying for Mythic dungeons in the premade group finder tool, group leaders will sometimes place an item-level requirement on their group. If you don’t see a group listed in the premade group finder, it means your item level isn’t high enough to apply. You will only see groups where your item level qualifies. 

An image of Sentinel Talondras, the third boss of Uldaman Legacy of Tyr in WoW Dragonflight
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Mythic Zero dungeons drop item level 372 gear, so your item level going into them should be somewhere a bit lower than that. Heroic dungeons drop item level 359 gear, so anywhere in the low-350s to 360s will be perfect for Mythic Zero dungeons. Base Mythic dungeons do not scale in difficulty like Mythic+ dungeons do, so the better gear you have, the more damage you’ll be doing no matter what. 

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For many players, Mythic Zero dungeons are viewed as nothing more than a gearing tool, so don’t be anxious if your DPS is low in comparison to other players. The stakes in a Mythic Zero dungeon are nowhere near as high as they would be for a Mythic+ dungeon, so don’t feel compelled to dominate the damage charts. 

Mythic+ dungeons will release alongside the launch of Dragonflight‘s first season on Dec. 13.


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