How to find the Nilganihmaht Control Ring in WoW: Shadowlands

Here's how to get your hands of WoW's latest secret mount.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Nilganihmaht Control Ring is the latest “secret mount” added to World of Warcraft in Patch 9.1. Similar to other secret mounts like Lucid Nightmare and Riddler’s Mind Worm, the game doesn’t give players any explicit instructions as to how to acquire the Nilganihmaht Control Ring—and the mount isn’t mentioned at all in the game’s mount journal. Needless to say, getting your hands on it will be a far less straightforward task than usual. 

To acquire the Nilganihmaht Control Ring, you’ll first need to find five individual rings scattered across the Maw. Each ring features a lengthy acquisition process with multiple steps, and in some cases, the completion of time-gated content is required. 

Still, if you break the processes of cracking the code and acquiring the secret mount into easy-to-manage chunks, the task is far less daunting. Here’s how to acquire the Nilganihmaht Control Ring in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Finding the five rings

To claim the Nilganihmaht Control Ring for yourself, you’ll need to traverse The Maw and find five individual rings. Once you have all five, you can place them on the Hand of Nilganihmaht to claim the mount. Since the mount is a huge, crawling, golden hand, it only makes sense that you’d need to go on a treasure hunt to find five rings.

Here’s how to snag each of those rings located in The Maw. 

Nilganihmaht’s Stone Ring

  1. During a Necrolord Assault, complete the quest “Putting a Plan Together.”
  2. Collect four Quartered Ancient Rings from around the Maw.
    1. The first can be found in a Mawsworn Cache in Perdition Hold at coordinates 32, 65.
    2. The second Quartered Ancient Ring is located in another Mawsworn Cache on the other side of Perdition Hold at coordinates 35, 69. This cache will prompt you to complete a quest called “Clearing the Walls”. Complete it to acquire the second Quartered Ancient Ring.
    3. The third Quartered Ancient Ring will spawn on the floor in several locations around Perdition Hold. Keep an eye on the ground as you make your way around the area, as the third ring could spawn anywhere. 
    4. The fourth Quartered Ancient Ring can be looted from the Maw Mad Construct at coordinates 29, 58. 
  3. Once you have all four Quartered Ancient Rings, take them to the Soulsteel Forge at coordinates 39, 40. Use the forge to combine the rings into Nilganihmaht’s Stone Ring.
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Nilganihmaht’s Runed Band

  1. Reach Tier Four reputation level with The Archivists’ Codex in Korthia.
  2. Purchase a Repaired Riftkey from Archivist Roh-Suir at Keeper’s Respite.
  3. Use the Repaired Riftkey on any Rift Portal in the Maw.
  4. Travel through the Rift Portal until you reach Torglluun at coordinates 28, 24 in The Maw.
  5. Defeat Torglluun and loot Nilganihmaht’s Runed Band.

Nilganihmaht’s Silver Ring

  1. Collect four Seal Breaker Keys.
    1. The first key drops from the rare mob Ylva at coordinates 66, 42 in The Maw. 
    2. The second Seal Breaker Key can be found within any Helgarde Supply Crate. The crates spawn at various locations between the Beastwarrens and the entrance to the Sanctum of Domination.
    3. The third key is located inside of a cave at coordinates 66, 56.
    4. The fourth Seal Breaker Key requires a bit of farming to acquire, as it’s a rare drop from elite enemies called “Maldraxxi Defectors.” These enemies can be found mainly on the path up to the Sanctum of Domination. 
  2. Use the Seal Breaker Keys you collected to open the Domination Chest Seal at coordinates 66, 57 in The Maw. Nilganihmaht’s Silver Ring will be inside. 

Nilganihmaht’s Gold Band

  1. Travel to coordinates 19, 39 in The Maw and interact with the nearby grapple point.
  2. Walk to coordinates 16, 39, and from there, proceed to coordinates 16, 37. 
  3. From there, walk to the location of the Nilganihmaht’s Gold Band at 19, 32.

Nilganihmaht’s Signet Ring

  1. Collect three Dominion Etchings from enemies around The Maw.
    1. Dominion Etching: Loss is dropped by Apholeias, Herald of Loss at coordinates 19,41.
    2. Dominion Etching: Grief is dropped by Ekphoras, Herald of Grief at coordinates 42, 21.
    3. Dominion Etching Pain is dropped by Talaporas, Herald of Pain at coordinates 29, 11. 
  2. Combine the Dominion Etchings to create “Domination’s Calling,” an item needed to summon another necessary enemy known as “Exos, Herald of Domination.”
  3. Head to the Altar of Domination in The Maw and use Domination’s Calling to summon Exos.
  4. Defeat Exos and loot Nilganihmaht’s Signet Ring.

Securing the Nilganihmaht Control Ring mount

Once you’ve collected all five of Nilganihmaht’s rings, use another Repaired Riftkey on a Rift Portal in Korthia to make your way toward the Hand of Nilganihmaht in The Maw. The Hand of Nilganihmaht is located inside a cave at coordinates 25, 32.

Once you reach it, place the rings that you’ve collected on the Hand of Nilganihmaht to receive the quest “Gotta Hand it to Ya.” The quest doesn’t have any additional requirements attached to it. Simply click on the Hand of Nilganihmaht again to receive the Nilganihmaht Control Ring mount.