Echo clears Mythic Sylvanas Windrunner, wins Race to World First Sanctum of Domination

The EU guild managed to overcome Limit in this raid to win the World First race.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

After a week consisting of hundreds of attempts, Echo picked up the Race to World First win after taking down Sylvanas Windrunner in the Sanctum of Domination.

The EU guild was the first guild to down Sylvanas below 50 percent health and were expecting the boss to go down a couple of days ago. But a shadow hotfix which was deployed a couple of days ago changed her health percentage death only in Normal and Heroic.

As a result, guilds had to take Sylvanas down to 45 percent, which was the supposed end of the fight. Their US rivals Completely Limit managed to take Sylvanas down to 45.4 percent earlier today, but failed to deliver the killing blow, logging off to try again after tomorrow’s reset.

While Echo managed to win this fight, it was still close between these two guilds, showing a high level of competition for every raid. The recent Race to World First streams have been garnering a lot of viewers on Twitch, who are eager to see the tactics and approaches of the top-tier guilds that have hundreds of pulls on a boss before taking it down.

While most raids seem to survive for the first week due to various DPS checks, Sylvanas was not one of them. Echo managed to take her down to the required 45 percent, finish the fight, and secured the World First.