Complexity-Limit set to host Mythic+ Charity Pro-Am

Eight teams will go head-to-head.

Image via Complexity Gaming

The top WoW raiding guild in the world, Complexity-Limit, is hosting a newly conceived Mythic+ dungeon charity event next month with the help of a few partners.

The one-day event on May 15 will include eight teams composed of pros, streamers, and amateurs facing off in a head-to-head style similar to what you’re used to seeing during Mythic Dungeon International events.

The event begins at 11am CT on May 15 and will be broadcast on Complexity’s official Twitch Channel.

The tournament’s $10,000 prize pool will be distributed among a variety of charities, including the Equal Justice Initiative, Girls Who Code, AbleGamers, U.S.VETS, and The Trevor Project. Each team’s winnings will go toward the charity of their choice.

The event will be held on Blizzard’s Tournament Realms where players have equal access to gear and resources.

To help execute the event, Complexity has partnered with Twitch, Raider.IO, and Keystone Masters. Raider.IO and Keystone Masters will help with tournament operations and production elements. Twitch will add promotional support for the event and a donation to the prize pool.

Players who want to get a chance to be a part of the event as an amateur contestant can sign up on Raider.IO.