Why you’re seeing the ‘some content cannot be downloaded from our servers’ update error in Warframe

Nothing puts a damper on an update like connection issues.

Image via Digital Extremes

Despite its age, Warframe continues to bring a series of updates to players, with a steady stream of new enemies to fight and new Warframes to use against them. Whether it’s The Second Dream or The New War, the story and narrative continue to go on.

Bringing so many updates, however, doesn’t always go smoothly. Warframe‘s launcher can experience issues when pushing updates, especially when it comes to larger, more resource-dense patches like new expansions or updates.

In some cases, players can experience a series of update errors that may not always be their fault. The “some content cannot be downloaded from our servers” error can be pervasive, especially for console players. Launch issues are to be expected with larger updates—for instance, with the launch of Nightwave: Nora’s Mix Vol. 1, which came with issues for both Xbox and PlayStation 5.

If you have the “some content cannot be downloaded from our servers” or any other update errors, it may not necessarily be your fault, and there may not be anything to do other than wait. The issue seems to be largely related to problems on Digital Extremes’ end, which means you might have to wait until the developer fixes Warframe before logging in.

The reason behind Warframe update errors with the Veilbreaker update

The Veilbreaker Update is on the larger side of updates, going far beyond any hotfixes. Digital Extremes acknowledged an issue that is preventing console players from downloading the update. The developers “are working on resolving this issue,” according to Warframe‘s official Twitter account and will share an update when they can. The issue could be largely contained to consoles, based on the developer’s wording and PC players may not run into trouble updating their game.

Console updates for Warframe seem to be somewhat finicky, and based on communication from Digital Extremes, the Veilbreaker update seems to be delayed on consoles based on issues on Digital Extremes’ end. Affected players should keep an eye out on Warframe‘s social media and on the official forums.