How to rank up with Kahl’s Garrison in Warframe

It will take some time.

Image via Digital Extremes

Warframe Veilbreaker has brought with it a slew of new and exciting content for players to enjoy like the sweeping weapon and ammo changes and the new Warframe Styanax. Another piece of fresh content is the new syndicate, Kahl’s Garrison.

Kahl’s Garrison offers player’s a wide variety of exciting rewards that can be purchased with the new currency called Stock. Most of the items you might be looking for are locked behind your rank with Kahl’s Garrison, however.

So how can you rank up with Kahl’s Garrison? If you’re curious about this exact question, here’s everything you need to know.

How to rank up with Kahl’s Garrison in Warframe

Before you can rank up with Kahl’s Garrison, you’ll need to unlock it first. This is done by completing the “Veilbreaker” quest, which can only be accepted after you’ve finished “The New War” quest. Once completed, head to the navigation section of your Orbiter and select Earth, from there you be able to travel to the Drifter’s Camp.

Once there, exit your Orbiter and head to the campsite. There you will meet Kahl. Speaking with him will allow you to access Kahl’s Garrison and begin ranking up by completing his weekly missions.

The only way to increase your rank with Kahl’s Garrison is by completing weekly Kahl missions. Completing missions more than once as well as side objectives will not reward you with additional reputation, nor is there any other form of reputation farm for Kahl’s Garrison.

All players will begin at rank one with Kahl’s Garrison and work their way up to rank five. Because you can only complete one of Kahl’s weekly missions per week, it will take each player four weeks to reach the maximum rank.

Every week you can return to Kahl at the Drifter’s Camp to accept one of his weekly missions, each one will have six side objectives that will reward you with additional stock, which can be used to purchase items from Chipper, the merchant unlocked after completing the Breaker Narmer introductory quest.

Here are all of Chipper’s Offerings as well as the garrison rank required to purchase them:

  • Shelter Rank: Complete the introductory mission in Kahl’s Garrison to unlock Chipper’s Offerings. 
  • Encampment Rank: Styanax Systems Blueprint and the Slaytra Blueprint.
  • Fort Rank: Archon Mods and the Styanax Neuroptics Blueprint.
  • Settlement Rank: The Aegrit Blueprint and Styanax Chassis Blueprint.
  • Home Rank: The capacity to buy one Archon Shard per week. The Fog of War Ephemera, Afentis Blueprint, and Styanax Blueprint.