Young gamer clutches 1-vs-5 round of VALORANT against shroud and Just9n

Clip it and ship it.

Image via Riot Games

It’s not all that often that an up-and-coming gamer gets a chance to play against former professionals. But yesterday, MrAustino faced off against shroud and Just9n in a VALORANT match.

As one might expect, the former CS:GO pro’s team had an early lead against the spry youngster, who Redditors have reported to be 15 years old. But while down 2-5, Austino had the type of round that dreams are made of.

The round started poorly for his team, with two players getting taken out early. As he tried to communicate where shroud’s team was headed to plant the bomb, his other two teammates died.

Left alone in a one-vs-four situation, his odds only got worse when the enemy team’s Sage resurrected Just9n. But equipped with a sniper rifle, Austino was determined to make something happen.

One by one, the gamer took out shroud, Just9n, and all of their teammates, racking up five total kills for the round as the lone survivor on his team.

In awe of what he just experienced, shroud was left with nothing more to say in the game’s chatroom other than “HES INSANE.”

With his teammates telling him that the insanity needed to be put in a clip from his Twitch broadcast, the reality of what Austino had just pulled off started to sink in.

“That’s a clip 100 percent,” he said. “My heart’s pumping, holy shit.”

While Austino might not be well known, this fresh viral clip is already paying dividends for his channel. During a four-hour stream that started in the early hours today, he averaged 39 viewers. While that might not be particularly impressive to a streaming veteran, the youngster was previously averaging just one to two viewers.


Max Miceli
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