Yoru players can increase his ultimate vision by looking up or down in VALORANT

One player's discovery could make Yoru a little better.

Image via Riot Games

Even though Yoru is considered one of the worst VALORANT agents, one nifty trick can make the duelist feel a tad better.

The Japanese agent’s ultimate allows players to drift into another dimension, moving unseen and unheard as long as enemies don’t get too close. But Dimensional Drift also limits Yoru’s vision, making it a risky play if you’re unaware of the opponents’ whereabouts. One VALORANT player showcased a way to work around the limitation, posting a video of their findings earlier today.

Dimensional Drift clouds Yoru’s field of view so that any enemies at mid to long range aren’t visible. By looking up or down, however, players can increase their vision a little bit. While this isn’t the most revolutionary hidden buff, Yoru players can use the tactic when scouting for their team. This should provide just a bit more intel.

Viper players can apparently use the same tactic when in her ultimate. Enemies that walk into Viper’s Pit are outlined in red, making them an easy target. But the gas also clouds vision so that enemies only appear when they’re at a closer range. By looking up or down, you can see enemies sooner. But this might affect your cursor placement and potentially cost you your life.

It’s unclear whether these two cases are intentional. But if they provide an unfair competitive advantage, Riot may hotfix them in a future patch.

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