XSET’s dephh turned down an offer from G2 to stay in North America

G2 messaged dephh towards the end of his stint with Dignitas.

Photo via DreamHack

British in-game leader Rory “dephh” Jackson could have gone back to Europe after five years in North America.

British in-game leader Rory “dephh” Jackson has been competing in North America for years since he arrived in the continent to play for Complexity Gaming in CS:GO, which lasted from 2016 to 2019. So far in VALORANT, he played for Dignitas and is leading XSET since June, having helped them to grab a runners-up finish to Sentinels at the NA VCT Stage Three: Challengers One.

Dephh, though, could have gone back to Europe earlier this year, revealing that G2 made him an offer towards the end of his Dignitas’ days, he told in an interview with Upcomer.

“During my time in Dignitas, towards the end when they released the team, I got a message from G2 asking if I wanted to come back and play for them,” dephh said. “I had the opportunity, but now my life is basically here. I obviously miss my family and it’s really important to go there and see them, but I have a wife here now and North America is definitely my home place.”

Given that Dignitas released its entire VALORANT roster on March 31, G2 likely reached out to him around the time Aleksander “zeek” Zygmunt went inactive and the org brought Oscar “ozzy” Scott as a stand-in. Based on what dephh said, he would have played in a lineup with Óscar “mixwell” Cañellas, Jacob “pyth” Mourujärvi, Ardis “ardiis” Svarenieks, and Patryk “paTiTek” Fabrowski.

He probably made the right call to stay in NA and wait for offers as G2 parted ways with ardiis and paTiTek during June to revamp the squad. Pyth was moved to the bench later and mixwell is currently the only player left in the lineup from then.

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