Why is the VALORANT points purchase page timing out? Common Issues and Fixes

The only thing stopping you from spending certainly isn't yourself.

Image via Riot Games

The sensation of a new skin bundle releasing or the Night Market returning in VALORANT is sometimes more exciting than a big clutch or an incredible ace. Players get the opportunity to spend their hard-earned cash on new bundles or delightful discounted skins, and they often flock to the in-game client the second it becomes available.

For bundles and Night Market listings, players must purchase VALORANT points with real money to acquire the skins they want. But sometimes, the demand to spend money is too much for the game, resulting in the points purchasing page timing out.

Here’s why it happens and what you can do the resolve it.

Why is the VALORANT points purchase page timing out?

Simply put, the VALORANT points purchase page times out when the VALORANT servers are overloaded. This happens in a handful of different situations: new episodes and acts, new bundles on sale, and when the Night Market goes live.

This issue seems unavoidable; VALORANT players simply cannot resist checking out the new bundle or their individual Night Market drops.

How to fix or resolve the VALORANT points purchase page timing out

If your VALORANT points purchase page times out, exit the game and restart the Riot Client before opening VALORANT again. There could be an update to the game you’re missing. If the problems persist, check your internet connection’s status; you may need to restart your router or switch to a wired connection if you have overall VALORANT connectivity problems.

The most likely cause of the timeout is due to player overload, which means the best solution, unfortunately, is just waiting for the load on VALORANT to subside. The official accounts for VALORANT and Riot Games Support will have any relevant updates regarding maintenance, log in issues, or other connection issues.