Who is the voice actor of KAY/O in VALORANT?

"What's the plan, send the robot in first? Smart choice."

Image via Riot Games

KAY/O is one of three initiators in VALORANT and the newest agent in the game.

With unknown origins, the robot is built for war and has a voice that has hints of humanity in it despite being at least partially synthesized.

Shortly after KAY/O was added to VALORANT on June 22 with Patch 3.0, the voice actor for his character was revealed. KAY/O is voiced by Gabe Kunda.

If you can recognize his voice through all the voice synthesizing, there’s a plethora of anime you may have heard his voice dubbed over.

The 27-year-old from Texas is known for his work as Qujappat from Code Geass, Gueldre from Black Cover, and Rock Lock from My Hero Academia.

In 2020, Kunda did voice work on eight games and TV series, including Attack on Titan and Pinkapotamus.

Kunda is the voice for KAY/O’s nearly 400 quotes in the game, including call-outs, round-end voice lines, and agent-specific interactions.

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