When does VALORANT Episode 4: Disruption begin?

Neon is coming soon.

Image via Riot Games

The upcoming VALORANT Act has plenty of new content for players to enjoy, but there will be a short wait before fans get to see what Riot Games has in store. 

The next VALORANT Act will include Neon, the Manila-born agent. Riot released a gameplay trailer today showcasing her new abilities. Neon will be a quick and agile agent with a diverse kit. She has the ability to sprint and slide but can also deal damage using her ultimate and potentially concuss enemies using her grenade ability, which can bounce off walls. 

In the trailer, Neon can be seen sprinting through the tunnels on Breeze while Sova attempts to shoot the nimble agent. At the end of the trailer, Neon can be seen shooting lightning from her hands, which is likely her ultimate ability. But this is just speculation at this time. 

Neon is set to be the latest duelist added to VALORANT, according to data miner ValorLeaks. If the leak is proven true, that means the duelist class will be the most populated with six agents once Neon has been added to the game. The controller class would remain the least populated with four agents. 

The next VALORANT Episode, titled Disruption, will likely begin on Jan. 12, according to leaker VALORANTHub. Some players from different regions may have to wait a few more hours on the day of release once the local servers have been updated. 

Alongside the new agent, there will likely be some new skins and a new battle pass for players to enjoy. 

This article will be updated when VALORANT Episode Four’s release date is officially announced.