When does VALORANT release?

Sooner than you think.

Image via Riot Games

After months of anticipation, Riot Games finally updated the community on its anticipated tactical first-person shooter.

VALORANT is Riot’s first venture into the FPS genre, where players can take on each other in a character-based five-vs-five competition. Each agent will have a unique set of abilities that are designed to complement and not “overpower” gunplay, according to Riot. And with impressive 128-tick servers, FPS fans can’t wait to get their hands on the tactical shooter.

When does VALORANT release?

Riot’s FPS is slated for a global summer 2020 release. Though no exact date has been given, Riot will likely hammer down a day as its release approaches.

What can we expect from VALORANT?

VALORANT is set on a near-future Earth with each unique character hailing from a “real-world location and culture.” The PC game certainly takes some inspiration from Overwatch and Counter-Strike. VALORANT will include several characters, or “agents,” that have unique ability kits. But more emphasis will be placed on gunplay since time-to-kill is low, recoil is “punishing,” and most headshots are instant kills.

To protect against frustrating hackers who often run rampant in new shooters, VALORANT will come with several anti-cheat and cheat detection technology at launch. “Server-authoritative” games, for example, will prevent speed and teleportation hacks. The game will include wallhack resistant technology, too. Riot also claims that a proprietary cheat detection system used in League of Legends will instantly ban cheaters and end games immediately with loss-forgiveness to the other players.