When does Chamber come out in VALORANT?

Not long to wait.

Image via Riot Games

Riot is closing out the year in style with VALORANT Episode Three, Act Three. 

The final act of the year combines a fresh new competitive season with a battle pass, a skin line inspired by comic books, a limited-time event based on Arcane, and a new weapon-savvy agent called Chamber.

Chamber, a sentinel that “focuses on mechanical outplays” with an “additional focus on gunplay” for “an extra flourish,” has an arsenal of weapons at his disposal. Far from the traditional sentinel, the agent aligns more with a duelist. 

He has some similarities to agents like Killjoy and Cypher, namely in his C, Trademark, which places a trap that scans for enemies and destabilizes the terrain around them when they come into contact. But Chamber has more of an emphasis on gunplay and dealing damage.

His Q, Headhunter, equips a heavy pistol, and his ultimate, Tour de Force, summons a powerful, custom-made sniper rifle that will kill an enemy with a direct hit. His kit lies somewhere between Killjoy, Jett, and Yoru—a fun hybrid of the agents. 

Riot had originally intended to release Chamber with Episode Three, Act Three but was forced to delay the agent until Patch 3.10 after facing a few issues with development.

“As development progressed on the new agent, it was clear to us that they [Chamber] were not at the quality bar you’ve come to expect us from,” Riot admitted on Oct. 28. It’s why we’ve opted to hold the agent for an additional two weeks, while we work on polishing up those final aspects.”

Chamber is now expected to release on Nov. 16 at approximately 8:30am CT.