What is ACS in VALORANT and how is it calculated?

ACS is one of VALORANT's most comprehensive stats.

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In VALORANT, your average combat score (ACS) is essential for determining how well you played relative to the other players in your lobby. ACS is one of the easiest ways alongside your K/D ratio to determine your general strength as a player.

Beyond just kills and deaths, though, your ACS takes other factors into account, including your ability to deal damage to enemy players and your usage of important utility. Here’s everything you need to know about ACS in VALORANT, how it affects each of your games, and your experience on the ranked ladder.

How ACS is calculated

Your ACS is determined each round, and at the end of a game, your numbers from each round are averaged against each other to give you one cohesive number. 

  • Damage: one point per damage dealt
  • Kills: 150/130/110/90/70
  • Multikills: +50 per additional kill
  • Nondamaging assists: 25
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In most games, players’ ACS values will vary between the low 100’s and the high 300’s. An ACS above 400 is a rare feat and usually implies that the player had a great game and most likely carried their team.

How ACS affects your rank

Your ACS also influences how much RR you gain or lose after a match. If your ACS is relatively high, the game may be more inclined to give your ranking a boost after a strong performance.

After a game, you may see a small gold star next to your RR gain. This implies you played well in your match, and your ACS was high enough relative to the rest of the game’s nine other players to boost your RR.

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If you popped off during a win and your ACS was also relatively high, you’ll likely be in line to receive a boost to your RR following your victory. If you played well enough to have a high ACS, but your team lost, the penalty for losing could be offset by a slight uptick in RR, thanks to your strong play. If you have a good performance but still lose, you won’t lose as much RR if your ACS is high. 

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