Vision Strikers survive upset bid from WGS in VCT Stage 2 Challengers One

The kings of Korea survived a spirited upset bid.

Screengrab via VisionStrikers

It was dicey through the first two maps, but Vision Strikers eventually pulled away from WGS today to win their opening series in the VCT Stage Two Challengers One event.

The first two maps weren’t good for Vision Strikers. They lost 13-11 on Ascent and barely eked out a 13-11 victory on Split. On Haven, Korea’s best team found their footing and raced out to a 7-1 lead en route to a 13-6 victory.

Had Vision Strikers lost, it would’ve been their first series loss as a team in their history. They remain undefeated with this 2-1 victory. The VALORANT team is on an over 100-series winning streak. It didn’t come easy for Vision Strikers today, however. It took massive plays, including a one-vs-four from Kim “stax” Gu-taek, to push the team over the top.

Vision Strikers aren’t an unknown quantity to many VALORANT fans, but like many regionally dominant teams, there are questions about how they’ll perform in international competitions. Their undefeated streak is impressive, but until they’re proven in international competition, it doesn’t mean much.

Vision Strikers are by far the favorites to make VALORANT‘s first international competition, Masters Two in Reykjavik, Iceland. Only eight teams will qualify for the competition, and as of right now, Vision Strikers appear to be a lock to dominate their region.

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