Viper lineup makes her unstoppable on Haven, but it might be another VALORANT bug

No one can hold their breath forever.

Image via Riot Games

Viper, one of the more popular controllers in VALORANT, has an ultimate lineup that allows her to spam the spike from a safe position, as discovered by a player last week

The agent isn’t commonly used on Haven considering Brimstone and Astra have multiple smoke abilities to block off lines of sight and other useful utility-based abilities. Viper, on the other hand, is more of a niche controller pick. 

But Viper mains can rejoice as this ultimate spot allows players to hide in Sewers and spam the spike if an enemy chooses to defuse it. 

Players will need to plant the spike on the right corner of the B spike site and quickly head to the elevated box that players can jump on. Aiming your ultimate in the far corner of the box toward the two walls allows the toxic gas to spread into the sewers toward the A spike site, which Viper has to head toward. 

Once the player has made their way to the sewers, it’s imperative that Viper gets on the box in the corner. Be careful, however, as defenders may flank through the A spike site rather than rotate through the B site. Ensure that you have some cover from a sentinel before making the move. 

Then all you have to do is get one of your teammates to ping the spike and spam the wall with your Odin or Ares, but make sure you hide in the Viper smoke that has peered through the wall from the other side, otherwise, it will eventually disintegrate. 

It’s not clear whether this is intentional design since Viper’s ultimate can be a bit tricky at some times, especially with the pixel-perfect lineups that are possible with the agent.