VCT adds additional broadcasts for Stage 2 qualifiers

Fans will have more opportunities to see the best teams compete.

Screengrab via Riot Games

VALORANT fans can expect there to be more opportunities to watch the VALORANT Champions Tour Stage Two qualifiers this weekend. New broadcasts will be available for the European, Turkey, and CIS regions, Riot announced today. 

New video streams will be added on Monday, April 12, which will allow fans to watch the final day of the Stage Two qualifiers. Riot is also hosting a “premium broadcast” where fans can vote on which two games they want to see. 

Fans will be able to vote on the VALORANT Champions Tour EU account. The first round of voting will occur before the round of 16, while the second round of voting will be available before the round of eight. 

The premium broadcast will be available on Twitch and YouTube for all three regions. A list of the associated accounts can be found in the official VCT announcement. The broadcast will be hosted by Yinsu Collins, Mitch “MitchMan” McBride, and Tom “Tombizz” Bissmire.

Fans can also enjoy five partnered streams, three in the EU region and two in CIS, on the final day of the qualifiers. These streams will be hosted by partner casters on their own channels and will showcase the highest performing teams. The teams shown will be based on their ranking. 

Partnered streams will be available during the first two days of qualifiers in all three regions. These streams will be hosted by partner casters who will select the match they want to stream based on their ranking and “potential for a competitive game.” These will include five streams available in the EU, two in TR, and two in CIS. 

Teams also have the opportunity to stream their own matches if they’re not already being shown on the premium broadcast. 

Fans can find a full breakdown of the available streams and broadcasts in their region on the official VCT website

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