VALORANT’s top rank will be renamed for the game’s launch

This will be way less confusing.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games will be renaming VALORANT’s top rank, formerly known as VALORANT, when the game launches next week on June 2, according to a report by Polygon.

The developer’s decision to name the most illustrious rating after the game itself was a head-scratching choice met by confusion among the player base—and even Riot knows it.

“When we were brainstorming these names, Valorant seemed like a really awesome choice for the top rank,” VALORANT senior designer Sean Szopinski said. “What could be cooler than climbing the ranks, aspiring to become an elite and heroic Valorant, the personification of the game itself! You guys are right though, it’s a bit confusing. We get it. I get it. We’ll change it for launch.”

The current in-game ranks are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal, and Valorant as the highest possible rank. Soon, however, the final rank will be getting a fresh coat of paint—but the new title wasn’t revealed just yet.

Szopinski also spoke on player complaints that there isn’t much to do once the max rating is achieved, teasing that there will be further incentive once the competitive mode launches.

“As for showing specific rating for top players, this is something that we have discussed a lot and will eventually be part of VALORANT’s Competitive Ecosystem,” Szopinski said.

Overwatch, for example, features a top 500 rank list that shows off the 500 best players in each of the game’s regions. VALORANT could do something similar, but Szopinski didn’t mention much else, according to Polygon.

VALORANT launches as a free-to-play title on June 2 and the competitive ranked mode will be available a few weeks later.