VALORANT’s ranked mode will “hopefully” come today or “sometime this week,” Riot dev says


Image via Riot Games

Get ready, VALORANT players. The game is about to get serious.

VALORANT dev Nick Wu shed some light on ranked today, explaining that the competitive mode is coming soon.

“There should be a patch coming sometime today and then, if the patch is stable, I believe we’ll turn ranked on in relation to that,” Wu said. “It’s probably some time this week, hopefully it’s today.”

Patch 0.49 will include the fan-requested competitive mode. But it appears it won’t be activated until the patch itself is stable, according to Wu.

Image via Riot Games

Riot explained the competitive matchmaking system last week, which will include eight levels of rank that start at Iron and end at VALORANT. While winning matches is the biggest determiner in gaining rank, a player’s personal performance will also be taken into account. The better you play, the faster you rank up. But players who perform poorly during losses will have their rank reduced more.

This should help players stay in the game and try their best, even when the odds are against them.

The closed beta only has a low-stakes unrated mode right now, which doesn’t necessarily penalize players who are performing poorly or abandoning matches. A ranked mode should curb that a bit, creating a more serious and competitive atmosphere.

Dot Esports reached out to Riot for clarification on the matter.