VALORANT’s Oni Collection revealed, includes Phantom, Guardian, Bucky, Shorty, and melee skins

The skins may hit the Store later today.

Screengrab via Riot Games

It appears Riot is following up its Elderflame Collection with another banger.

Yesterday’s VALORANT patch updated the client to include the entire Oni skin line, viewable from the Collection tab. The Phantom, Guardian, Bucky, Shorty, and melee weapon will all get new cosmetics.

The skin line, inspired by Japanese folklore, features a horned ogre-like creature at the rear of the guns. And as players invest Radianite to upgrade the weapons, a smoky glow emanates from the ogre.

The Finisher is incredibly detailed as well. Players who fall to an Oni gun will turn into what looks like a green spirit with a mask. Swords will fall from the sky and chain your enemy down while flower petals float in the air.

Data miners had a field day yesterday when they discovered the Collection, which also includes a spray, a gun buddy, and a player card.

This isn’t the only skin line previewed in the Collections tab, though. The Sakura skins are serene. Players can watch the sun set across the mountainside while tapping heads. The Vandal, Classic, Sheriff, Ares, and Stinger will be included in the set.

The Oni and Sakura Collections will likely hit the Store when the Elderflame skins leave later today.