VALORANT’s new Xenohunter weapon skins feature a scanner, arrive in store tomorrow

Don't overlook these weapon skins.

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games previewed a new weapon skin bundle today for the Bucky, Phantom, Odin, and Frenzy, alongside an ordinary-looking melee. The skins hit shops tomorrow and feature a motion scanner.

These weapon skins are primarily gunmetal gray and feature a small screen on different places depending on the weapon, which glows green to represent some sort of Xeno detection system. These skins are the perfect additions to any loadout for those interested in monster or alien hunting. Unlike previous weapon skins, these Xenohunter cosmetics give the weapons a realistic feel with their metal exterior and red iron sights. 

This military theme is also present in the melee, which has been slightly tweaked from the original default knife skin. The blade is almost identical to the default skin with the handle being different with four triangle cut-outs and some sort of string tied to the base. While the weapon skins fit a military theme, some Twitter users were not impressed by the fact that these skins are only a slight variation from the default ones.

The feature that makes these skins different from the default one is the screen attached to the weapons that showcase the player’s position as they walk around the map.

As shown in a video from VALORANT when the weapon skins were announced, the Phantom’s screen shows the player walking around and “scanning” the area with the screen glitching out when the player is covered by a Jett smoke. It is unclear whether these screens showcase enemies when they appear in the player’s line of sight.