VALORANT’s much-anticipated edgy Reaver Collection is now available for purchase


Image via Riot Games

After making a splash during VALORANT’s closed beta, the new-and-improved Reaver Collection is available in the store.

The dark fantasy-themed weapons have replaced the Singularity Collection, offering cosmetics for the Sheriff, Vandal, Operator, Guardian, and melee weapon.

The entire bundle will run you 7,100 VP (roughly $70). Each individual skin will cost 1,775 VP, with the exception of the melee weapon, which will go for 3,550 VP. Players can upgrade the skins using Radianite, unlocking extra VFX, a reload animation, a finisher, and three more variants.

Reaver was the first prototype skin made, acting as the first iteration of what VALORANT cosmetics can look like. Whereas CS:GO might offer color changes and minor model tweaks, VALORANT skins are far more dramatic. And Riot needed to find the balance between creative themes and cool effects without compromising competitive integrity.

With a considerable amount of time passing since the Reaver skins were last available, Riot has made various improvements based on player feedback.

“When we first made Reaver, we did so many things wrong and learned so much from its development process,” producer Preeti Khanolkar said. “In order for us to actually ship the skin, we had to go back and rework it entirely from start to finish: model, animation, VFX, audio, variants, kill banner, and the Finisher. Hopefully it still hits the same good feels of the old Reaver, but shows how much we’ve grown as a team.”

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