VALORANT’s Free-for-All Deathmatch mode now live in NA, BR, and LATAM

Get in there and frag.

Image via Riot Games

It’s warm up time for VALORANT fans.

VALORANT’s Free-for-All Deathmatch mode is finally live in North America, Brazil, and Latin America. Riot is staggering the mode’s launch across the world due to “high player turnout” and is prioritizing “bomb mode server capacity” first. Deathmatch will go live in Korea, Japan, Oceania, and Asia-Pacific at 4pm CT, and 7pm CT for Europe, Turkey, CIS, and Russia.

The mode will give players the opportunity to test and practice their gun skills without having to worry about abilities, planting the Spike, or saving credits.

Winning a Deathmatch game is simple. Be the first to hit 30 kills or claim the most frags within the six-minute match timer. And every person who dies drops a health pack that instantly restores you to 150 health, making kills the gift that keeps on giving.

Players will also be able to respawn every three seconds with their back to the wall, granting eight seconds of invulnerability. While this can help you switch out your weapon, moving or shooting will take away your immunity.

Campers might have to stick to regular matches, though. A UAV will show the location of all players every five seconds, forcing you to make aggressive plays.

FFA Deathmatch joins Unrated and Spike Rush as VALORANT‘s casual game modes that don’t affect your rank. With Unrated’s lengthy match time and Spike Rush’s chaos, however, Deathmatch will be the preferred mode for players looking to warm up and train gunplay.

The unranked mode will start off in a beta test window before possibly becoming a staple in the tactical shooter’s playlist.