VALORANT’s Elderflame Vandal skin disabled in Brazil First Strike Open Qualifier due to bug

Pro players will still be able to use it for practice.

Image via Riot Games

It seems hearing a dragon’s roar can grow tiring.

Riot Brazil’s league ops coordinator, Luiz Andrade, explained today that the Vandal’s Elderflame skin will be disabled from this weekend’s VALORANT First Strike Brazil Open Qualifier. Andrade didn’t offer any more details, but many believe it’s related to a bug that makes the cosmetic constantly roar, according to the VALORANT subreddit bug megathread.

One player posted a video showcasing the annoying bug, which appears to only affect players in Brazil. For the glitch to be reproduced, the player said all you have to do is pick up the gun from the ground. With a reproduction rate of two out of 10, it’s too likely that the issue would show up in a professional competition.

What’s even more frustrating is that the dragon’s growl doesn’t stop at the end of a round. It continues throughout the entire match, clearly distracting affected players.

It’s unclear when Riot plans on fixing the bug. But with players shelling out plenty of shekels for the Elderflame cosmetic, many people likely hope it’ll be patched soon.