VALORANT Twitch Rivals North American scores and standings

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Image via Riot Games

Twitch Rivals is celebrating the official launch of Riot’s free-to-play tactical shooter VALORANT this weekend with a $200,000 tournament spanning multiple regions. 

While the formats for each of the eight regions differ slightly, in North America, the 16-team tournament will be played with four groups duking it out in a round robin today with each match being a best-of-one.

Once today’s matches are completed, a four-team single elimination bracket will have best-of-three matches to determine the tournament’s winner. 

The event’s primary broadcast, starting at 5pm CT, can be viewed on the official Twitch Rivals channel. But for personal streamer perspectives, fans can visit the channels of any participating player.

The powerhouse roster of players competing in this weekend’s tournament includes pros with backgrounds in Fortnite, Overwatch, and CS:GO. But don’t worry, top Twitch personalities are liberally sprinkled throughout the teams.

Among the slew of popular content creators and esports pros participating in this weekend’s event are TSM’s Myth, former Overwatch League MVP Sinatraa, former Cloud9 CS:GO pro Skadoodle, and TimTheTatman.

For those looking to keep up with all of the final scores and results from the North American Twitch Rivals VALORANT tournament, here are the most up-to-date live results.

Group A

  1. Team Myth 3-0
  2. Team Dizzy 3-1
  3. Team TenZ 1-1
  4. Team Hiko 0-3

Group B

  1. Team Brax 3-0
  2. Team Jakenbake 2-1
  3. Team Aceu 1-2
  4. Team Kephrii 0-3

Group C

  1. Team sh0ts 3-0
  2. Team fl0m 2-1
  3. Team StPeach 1-2
  4. Team CDNThe3rd 0-3

Group D

  1. Team Mendo 3-0
  2. Team Jordan Fisher 2-1
  3. Team bnans 1-2
  4. Team Austincreed 0-3

Bracket play


Team Myth 2 – Team Mendo 0

Team Brax 2 – Team sh0ts 0


Team Brax 2 – Team Myth 1