VALORANT team suicides after losing pistol round to deny resources from their opponents

Super high-level tactic.

Image via Riot Games

It appears a new cheese strat has emerged in VALORANT.

A frustrated VALORANT player encountered an enemy team that intentionally killed themselves after losing a pistol round today. The team-wipe denied ultimate orbs and credits from the opposing team, sacrificing a round for resources.

Though giving up a round isn’t ideal, it’s unlikely that a team can win after losing in a pistol round. So instead of handing over credits and ultimate charges to their adversaries, this team decided to forfeit the round.

Killing yourself in a game isn’t usually advisable, but this strategy makes plenty of sense. Your entire team still gets ultimate charges for dying, while your opponents get none. And the following round, your squad will have enough credits to buy a shield, a rifle, and abilities.

And if your opponents decided to push their advantage by buying Spectres or shotguns, then they won’t have enough credits to buy a rifle the following round.

One fan offered a solution for this cheese strat, following CS:GO’s example.

“Player’s dealing too much team damage (multiplied greatly at the beginning of a round) would be kicked and issued a temporary MM ban,” the player said. “This also combated griefers.”

Killing yourself could also offer “suicide money” to your opponents, the player continued.

It’s unclear if this mechanic is on Riot’s radar. But if it begins to adversely affect ranked matchmaking, a solution will likely be issued.