VALORANT surrender option to debut in upcoming Patch 1.02

Thank you, Riot.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players will finally be able to opt-out of painful games because a surrender feature is around the corner.

VALORANT senior producer Ian Fielding explained that a surrender option is being “introduced with Patch 1.02” in today’s blog post.

Not much other information on the feature was offered, but fans will be able to read up on it in the Patch 1.02 notes.

A data miner found unconfirmed intel in the game’s files, giving the community some insight into what it might look like when it goes live. After queueing a surrender vote, a “yes” consensus will likely activate on the next available round.

And players may only be able to surrender from round eight and on, and only once per half. This could have potentially been put in place to deter discouraged players from spamming the surrender option every round.

Executive producer Anna “SuperCakes” Donlon touched on some other features on the horizon in the Twitter thread. A “reporter response tool” is in the works for players to be notified when an offender has been punished. And tools to help streamers should be coming soon, such as an anonymous mode for usernames.

SuperCakes hasn’t given a specific timeline for those features.