VALORANT servers will go down on May 12 to prepare for new patch

A new update is incoming.

Image via Riot Games

The beta servers for VALORANT will be going down for about five and a half hours in every region on May 12, Riot announced today.

The downtime will be to prepare for the game’s new patch, which will include “some good fixes, additions and changes,” according to VALORANT game director Joe Ziegler.

In North America, Brazil, and Latin America, the queues will go down at 6:30am CT and be back up at 12pm CT. The server downtime begins at different periods in Korea and Europe.

Specifics of the patch are unknown, but many believe that Cypher will see some nerfs due to his Spycam ability feeling overpowered by most. Other fixes could include patches to out-of-bounds tricks thanks to Sage and Omen combos.

Other bugs and glitches are also likely on the chopping block, but we’ll know more once the patch notes are available sometime tomorrow.