VALORANT releases Spotify playlist for Fade

Find your inner nightmare with Fade's newest playlist.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT adds Fade to its growing list of Agent playlists on Spotify less than 24 hours before she hits live servers.

Just before VALORANT was officially released in June 2020, Riot Games revealed it had created Spotify playlists for each Agent that would reflect their personalities and shed light on the artists that hail from where the Agents too are from. Each playlist is roughly an hour long with a varied number of songs in each. 

In addition to these playlists, Riot has started collaborating with artists to have songs created specifically for some VALORANT Agents. The first example of this was with Neon, who was released in January and came paired with the song “Entertain Me” by Ylona Garcia. That song was used in Neon’s trailer and added at the top of her Spotify playlist. Now with Fade, Riot has done it again, this time making her own theme song that was played for her trailer as well. Fans of Fade can listen to her own song as well as 19 other songs in the nearly hour and a half playlist.

Outside the “Karanlığın” song produced by VALORANT, Helin and AR84 players can listen to a variety of darker music from various artists, some of Turkish origin like Fade, to get into her headspace while playing her. Fade has gained a lot of popularity since her teaser which we could see reflected in her Spotify playlist follower count. Jett currently holds the most followers with over 33,000. The playlist’s popularity will be determined by whether or not fans like the dark and mysterious songs on it.