VALORANT pro Redgar showcases bug with Fade’s Haunt ability on Split

Players can throw Fade's E on top of B Main to detect enemies.

Image via Riot Games

Professional VALORANT player Igor “Redgar” Vlasov has discovered a bug regarding Fade’s Haunt ability and the top of B Main on Split.

Redgar, who most recently played for Gambit Esports, took to Twitter to warn players and VALORANT developers about an unintended bug with Fade’s “E” ability. Fade’s Haunt allows players to throw a creature into any area to reveal the position of the enemy. This ability can be thrown a short distance before immediately falling in place and shows the outline of enemies if they become marked.

Haunt works in similar ways to KAY/O’s Zero/Point knife ability, which suppresses enemies it catches within its circle while also revealing them. But, unlike KAY/O’s knife, Fade’s Haunt is not meant to go through walls and must be thrown into an open space to deal with enemies. Redgar demonstrated Fade’s Haunt can be thrown on top of B Main and reveal enemies undeath it. B Main has a closed roof meaning there is no gap or opening which would allow the Haunt to see the enemies. Instead, this bug allows it to act like KAY/O’s knife.

VALORANT has yet to address or patch the bug with Fade’s Haunt ability.

“I want to warn everyone of that bug, cuz yesterday somebody throwed that s*** and I got rekked and I was like wtf,” said Redgar on Twitter. “Just be prepared for that shit and don’t use it, this info is only for warning everyone!”