VALORANT players theorycraft potential for 7-kill round

One shot, two shot.

Image via Riot Games

There may only be five players on each team in VALORANT, but one fan explained a potential way for someone to get seven kills in one round.

The idea of a six-kill round is easy to conceptualize. With the agent Sage capable of resurrecting teammates, it’s easily possible that someone could kill the same opponent twice in the same round after a Sage revives them. 

In that hypothetical situation, a person could kill one player, wait for Sage to resurrct them, and then kill everyone on the team, netting six kills. But things start to get tricky after that if your goal is to create a potential seventh kill. Sage’s resurrection is an ultimate ability that requires time to generate. 

In theory, if she resurrected someone at the beginning of a round, it’s highly unlikely that she could build up her ultimate by the end of the round. But one fan theorized today how that nearly impossible feat might happen. 

First, you’d need to kill an enemy almost immediately out of the gate and the enemy Sage would need to resurrect them almost right away. This would give Sage the entire round to build that ultimate ability back up. 

As the round continues, the enemy Sage would need to put on an immaculate performance herself. For the opposing Sage to get their ultimate after using it at the start of the round, they’d have to kill every person on your team except for your team’s Sage and grab a couple of ult orbs (or pick up one ult orb and plant the bomb).

But even then, the Sage wouldn’t have her second ultimate generated,. After that, your Sage would have to have her ultimate and resurrect you, seeing as the opposing Sage killed almost everyone.

From there, the Sage would need to kill your team’s Sage that just resurrected you, at which point she’d finally be able to resurrect a teammate for a second time in the round. 

Finally, you’d then be able to hypothetically kill everyone remaining to reach seven total kills in the round. To reach this nearly impossible achievement, though, the enemy Sage would need to get five kills in the round herself.

Overall, the feat would certainly be one of the most insane plays to happen in a round of VALORANT on multiple levels. You’d need to be ridiculously skilled to get all of those kills and the opposing team’s Sage would have to do get five eliminations in a round as well as get two resurrects off.