VALORANT players find bug above B bombsite on Ascent

The spot is hard to reach but worth the trouble.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players have found a new glitch spot above the B bombsite on Ascent that provides a clear view of the entire area. 

A VALORANT player was pushing toward B bombsite on Ascent last night to retake the bombsite with their teammate. They encountered a Sage wall blocking the entrance from their spawn, so they used Jett’s Blast Pack to boost over the adjoining wall. They were able to eliminate the unsuspecting enemy Sage before focusing on the remaining enemies. 

The player used Jett’s Blast Pack again to launch themselves in the air before using their ultimate ability. The enemy Brimstone also used their ultimate, which propelled them higher into the air. The player shot their rocket launcher in the air, killing an enemy player and boosting themselves even higher into the sky. They realized that they were now stuck in the skybox above the bombsite and had a bird’s-eye view of the area. 

The player watched safely from above while their teammate eliminated the final enemy and defused the bomb. They didn’t move around much to avoid possibly dying and losing their weapons in the next round, so it’s unclear how far they can move around above the bombsite. 

It seems like the player needed all three boosts from Raze’s ability and Brimstone’s ultimate to reach the glitched spot, but other players are already thinking of other ways to get there. One player suggested using Jett’s updraft ability and Brimstone’s ultimate to consistently reach the spot. 

This sky bug can be a huge problem if players are able to reach it easily. Defenders will have little cover from the sky and players with an Operator will have little trouble picking off players. Riot Games has not acknowledged the spot yet, but it’ll likely be addressed in a future update.