VALORANT players discover crouch jump technique to counter Sage wall on Split

This useful tip can help you get on new vantage points.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player shared how to counter Sage’s wall on Split mid last night, using crouch jump to get on a box. And now, another fan has added on.

VALORANT player u/kratzk0pp expanded on the idea today, breaking down exactly how to crouch jump and other ways it can be useful.

To pull off the perfect crouch jump, it’s fairly simple. Players need to press jump and then crouch while in the air. As soon as you hit the object you’re trying to jump on, release the crouch key and you should be able to stand on the new vantage point. But there are still a few spots that are too tall to jump on to, even with crouch jumping.

This is especially helpful when trying to jump over a Sage wall that’s been placed in Split mid. Players can crouch jump on the box to the right by standing on the ledge by the stairs. After successfully landing on the box, you can then peek B Heaven or jump right over the wall.

Players can similarly jump on the box when defending on Split to bamboozle your enemies. Since players wouldn’t expect you on the box, you can land a quick Op shot and retreat.

The player pointed out some other ways crouch jumping can be useful. If a Sage tries to wall off Split’s A Screens, for example, you can crouch jump over it. There are likely spots on other maps where players can pull off crouch jumps, as well.

It’s unclear if this mechanic is intended or if Riot will hotfix it in a future patch.