VALORANT players create hilarious game called “Laser Chase” that involves dodging infinite Brimstone ultimates

Just keep running.

Image via Riot Games

When Brimstone yells “open up the sky,” he isn’t joking around.

Several VALORANT players created a custom game using Brimstone, Jett, and Raze, posting the hysterical video today. The premise is simple—don’t die to Orbital Strike.

“Welcome to ‘cloudy with a chance of Brimstone,’” the video begins. “Two Brimstones lock heads with three agents… and they fight to the death.”

Five players all jump on the same team, with two Brimstones to flood the map with his ultimate. A timer is set to five minutes, forcing Jett and Raze players to use their mobility to dodge all the Orbital Strikes thrown their way. The game ends when the Jett and Raze players fall or when the five-minute timer is up.

Since all players are on the same team, the Brimstones can see where the others are hiding. This creates even more pressure for the prey to keep moving and not get cornered. But an ally Orbital Strike does less damage than an enemy one, providing a bit more leniency.

VALORANT fans looking for something a bit more casual, and a lot more chaotic, can jump into a custom game and try Laser Chase out.

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