VALORANT players can destroy door on Breeze with Cypher’s Spy Cam

You can remove the door altogether with this trick.

Image via Riot Games

A VALORANT player discovered a way to destroy a door on Breeze by placing Cypher’s Spy Cam directly above it. 

Breeze is one of the newest maps in VALORANT and takes players to an exciting tropical location to battle the enemy team. There are unique layouts and objects throughout the map, including a closeable door near the A site. This doorway creates another angle leading into the site and can make it easier or harder to take or defend the area. But one VALORANT player recently found a way to remove the door altogether. 

Sven “Lunium” Timmers posted a short clip on Twitter where they placed Cypher’s Spy Cam directly above the door, causing it to be destroyed when the door was opened. The player was visibly confused about the door being destroyed since this isn’t normally possible. 

Another player posted a clip showing the camera can be placed on either side of the wall to achieve the same result. But the door can only be opened from the side facing A site, making it slightly harder to destroy from this angle. 

VALORANT tech lead RiotNu responded to the video, calling it incredible and thanking Lunium for the clip. This is likely an unintended glitch and should be removed in a future patch. This tactic can be useful in certain situations, but it’s more of a gimmick and a fun trick to show your friends. 

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