VALORANT players are reporting more game performance issues and hit registration problems after Patch 1.02

New patch, old problems.

Image via Riot Games

VALORANT players were ready to celebrate the start of the game’s ranked game mode in Patch 1.02. But their excitement quickly transformed into disappointment after they ran into multiple familiar issues during their placements and later ranked matches.

These issues ranged from game performance problems that caused players to lose a significant amount of frames per second during certain moments in a match, like a firefight or when multiple abilities are on a player’s screen at the same time.

FPS issues aren’t a new problem for VALORANT players, though. From the closed beta to its official release, people have been struggling with the game’s performance on certain machines. But another more pressing issue that’s reared its ugly head is the troublesome hit registration problems that have ruined some matches.

In May, Riot Games issued a fix for the inconsistent hit registration that many VALORANT players had been experiencing at the time. Recent updates had seemingly fixed these problems, but after Patch 1.02, a mob of players is reporting issues once again.

Some people have reported that headshots aren’t registering on opponents who are crouching. They claim the headshot sound will ring out and the blood splatter will appear, but the game still registers body shots.

This problem has reportedly affected many games and has caused many people to die because a headshot with a rifle like a Vandal or Phantom usually leads to a kill. When a player hears or sees a headshot indicator, they’ll likely turn to face another enemy, only to die to the player they thought they eliminated.

Riot will likely address these concerns and apply a fix to the problems as soon as the developers can. With ranked mode now available, players should be getting the best gameplay experience possible. But these issues are still hampering their games for now.