VALORANT players are reporting hit registration and hitbox issues after Patch 0.50

Players are seeing headshots but aren't getting kills.

Image via Riot Games

After updating to VALORANT Patch 0.50 earlier this week, multiple players have reported that they’re experiencing some ghost bullet and hit registration problems in many of their matches.

Fans have said that since the new patch, they’re seeing multiple hits on an enemy target or even the sparks that indicate a headshot. But the post-round damage report only says that they hit one or two shots to the body instead.

In the clip below, for example, the player got off multiple shots that look like they should have hit the opponent in the chest. But the post-round report showed that he didn’t land a single shot.

Many players have had some big rounds affected by this issue. One player, for example, saw sparks from one enemy in a gunfight and stopped shooting since a Vandal should instantly kill an enemy with a headshot. But he was immediately gunned down and saw after the fact that he only hit the player in the body.

Some players are assuming that the recent patch broke something in the game’s system since this problem wasn’t too prevalent before the most recent update. It’s also unclear if hitboxes were adjusted in some sort of way or if the game simply isn’t registering some bullets.

Last week, Riot acknowledged server issues and performance problems. These recent issues will likely need to be ironed out by the next patch or updated in a hotfix.