VALORANT player shows how to counter Killjoy’s ultimate with Omen’s ultimate

"Do they know what it means to be truly afraid? I'll show them."

Image via Riot Games

Killjoy is the newest character to join the growing VALORANT agent roster, which is why people are still scrambling to figure out ways to counter her unique kit. One player, however, has found a cheeky way to dodge her ultimate with Omen.

In the clip, the Omen player is protecting a planted spike on the map Split when he finds himself in an unfortunate one-vs-two situation. To secure the win, the enemy Killjoy popped her ultimate ability, Lockdown.

This ability detains all enemies in its radius after a certain period, disabling their weapons and abilities, while also slowing them by a significant amount. It’s easily avoided by simply waiting out the timer and staying out of its radius, but in a situation where you’re protecting a spike, that isn’t an option.

With the Lockdown timer quickly ticking down, the player had to think fast or they’d end up losing another round. Luckily, the player’s eight-year-old brother had a great idea to use Omen’s ultimate to teleport out of Lockdown’s radius then cancel the ability to return back to his original spot on the site.

His quick thinking allowed him to avoid getting detained by Killjoy and gave him the time to kill the person defusing the spike and win the round.

There aren’t many other agents that could pull off such a great outplay, so if you’re facing off against a Killjoy, you might want to bring along an Omen just in case.