VALORANT player showcases stellar ZERO/point line-up for executing on Bind’s A site

It begins.

Screengrab via Riot Games

KAY/O made his VALORANT debut in Episode Three yesterday—and players are already discovering useful line-ups.

The killer robot introduces a new suppression mechanic, nullifying enemy abilities while also providing intel on the opposing team. One player figured out a ZERO/point line-up that can suppress most of Bind’s A site, posting their findings earlier today.

To pull off the line-up, KAY/O players need to stand in the corner of A Lobby that faces the entrance to Showers. By looking at a specific point on one of the clouds in the sky, you can throw your suppression blade to land right on top of the triple stack of green boxes. This will suppress a huge portion of the site and let you know if enemies are hiding in any cheeky spots.

The line-up does have some flaws, however. If someone is sitting in A Heaven, they can avoid being suppressed. They’d also be able to shoot the blade before it explodes if their aim is quick enough. The suppression explosion doesn’t hit U-hall or A Short either, so your allies will have to check those spots before ensuring that the coast is clear.

With KAY/O’s release only a day in the books, players will likely find more useful line-ups to suppress and identify the opposing squad.

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