VALORANT player showcases simple-but-effective Sova Recon Bolt for defending Breeze’s A site

"Found them."

Image via Riot Games

One VALORANT player’s Recon Bolt makes defending Breeze a breeze.

The tac shooter’s tropical map has wide open spaces and long sightlines, encouraging attackers to use Viper screens, Sage walls, and Skye flashes to execute onto the A site. But one player showcased a perfectly simple arrow for spotting opposing players.

A portion of a crashed cargo ship looms above Breeze’s A site, providing a perfect surface for Sova’s Recon Bolt to latch onto. Sova players who hold Pyramids can shoot an arrow at the bottom edge of the broken ship, revealing any enemies in the vicinity. This is perfect for spotting planters, opponents hiding behind the crates, or enemies retreating back to A main.

With attacking teams emptying a lot of resources into pushing Breeze’s A site, this arrow can easily stop them in their tracks. You can spray down planters hiding behind Viper’s Toxic Screen, for example. A couple of Shock Darts can deal devastating damage to opponents hiding behind the crates by the entrance. And since the Recon Bolt is so high up, it might be difficult for an opponent to shoot it out before it picks up their position.

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