VALORANT player showcases a brilliant Sova Recon Bolt for retaking Haven’s C site

"You'll have your intel, I promise."

Image via Riot Games

Even though VALORANT‘s Haven map was released over a year ago, savvy Sova mains continue to find new line-ups.

One player showcased a stellar Recon Bolt for retaking Haven’s C site, posting a video of the strat earlier today.

To pull off the line-up, players need to stand nearby the doorway that leads to the B site. Players can then look at a specific point on a hanging pipe, lining it up with the first bar on the Recon Bolt’s power meter. By adding one bounce to the ability and charging it a little bit past the second power bar, players can shoot the arrow on a C site rooftop. The Recon Bolt will then reveal the entirety of the site, locating any enemies in the area.

Attacking teams will often coordinate a push through Garage and C Main, making their way onto the site for an easy plant. While it’s typically hard to retake C, this Recon Bolt can inform you and your allies of the enemies’ whereabouts. After retaking C and clearing Garage, the only other place your team would have to worry about is C Long.