VALORANT player scores three-second ace thanks to trigger discipline

The enemies lined themselves up without realizing.

Image via Riot Games

When it comes to pulling off an ace in VALORANT, it can come down to superior aim, timing–or just a little trigger discipline.

One player showed off his control in a recent clip during a match on Ascent, making the perfect setup to score themselves a quick ace while playing Defense on the A site.

The round was quite far in, but no player from either team had been eliminated. With the sound of approaching footsteps, the player hid behind the Lion wall to catch them on their rotation to A site. 

All five players turned the corner one by one, and thanks to the discipline not to instantly open fire, this player managed to line them all up for an ace with one quick spray of bullets.

While this play was impressive, it seemed to follow the trend of the game, which from the scores shows that their team had been playing in dominant fashion seven rounds up on their opponents.

The clip shared to Reddit didn’t show the result of the match, however. It’s safe to assume that the game continued trending in this direction, and this player left with both a highlight reel play and a win.