VALORANT player remakes Icebox using Unreal Engine 5

The result is stunning.

Image via Riot Games

If you thought Icebox wasn’t chilling enough, one VALORANT player has your sorted.

VALORANT player Ravoux shared their work with a clip showcasing what they’d been able to achieve using the design of the map and the tools within Unreal Engine 5, bringing it to life perfectly.

The result is quite impressive with stunning snow textures and movement, clean shadows, and vibrant colors.

Ravoux was aiming for realism with the choice of textures, shadows, and other aspects of their creation. It seems they have achieved their goal admirably from the get go with images of stunningly crafted rocks to open the clip.

According to the video’s YouTube description, the three main tools used in its creation were Maya, Substance Painter, and Quixel, all within Unreal Engine 5. It isn’t clear how long it took to create, but with the clear attention to detail, it likely took a while.

The creation was met with praise not only from the community, but was noticed by a Riot staff member. When VALORANT needs an extra dimension, perhaps we’ll get to see more of Ravoux’s work in the future.