VALORANT player pulls off sneaky ninja defuse immediately after enemy team plants Spike

Super high-level tactic.

Image via Riot Games

One VALORANT player showed off his Sneak level 100 today.

Twitch streamer Waterhouse ninja defused the Spike during his broadcast today, winning the round right under the enemies’ noses.

As the opposing squad stormed Split’s A site, one of Waterhouse’s teammates was picked off on site. The streamer hid behind default, just outside of the Killjoy’s Lockdown range. Three enemies attempted to “clear” the site, walking past the player.

Waterhouse then played a quick game of Ring Around the Rosie, walking around the default screen so the enemy Omen couldn’t see him. Instead of picking Omen off while he was planting the Spike, however, Waterhouse simply snuck behind him and started the defuse animation immediately after it was placed.

Chaining together the plant and defuse sounds was enough to fake out the Omen, who was none the wiser. The enemy simply took his gun out and checked Heaven for enemies. As soon as the round was won, Waterhouse took out the unsuspecting victim with a headshot for good measure.

Fans can tune into Waterhouse’s Twitch channel here.