VALORANT player pulls off a 1v5 ace while in school Zoom call

Successful multi-tasking or slacking off?

Image via Riot Games

Schools around the world have switched to a virtual format in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. But one player took advantage of this format to enjoy VALORANT while in his virtual class, during which the player secured a 1v5 ace. 

The player was in the middle of a VALORANT match and an online zoom lecture at the same time. They checked the Zoom meeting periodically to make sure they did not miss anything important, but their main focus was the game. 

The player was thrown into a 1v5 situation with only a pistol to defend themselves. They hid inside of a smoke screen and eliminated an unsuspecting player before sneaking into another corner. 

The other enemies quickly responded to their teammates death and pursued the player. The player swiftly took out two more enemies with well-placed headshots and brought the round to a 2v1 situation. They healed their wounds before moving to another corner to wait for the last two enemies. 

The enemies pushed as expected and were easy kills for the player. They eliminated the entire enemy team with a pistol and no armor while also in the zoom meeting. 

Some players confirmed that it was a solid ace but that the player should also focus on their school work, while others suggested striving for a healthy balance. 

A 1v5 ace is still an impressive achievement regardless of the situation, but maybe its best to play after the lecture is over.